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Level Undergraduate Bachelor Degree (INCOMPLETE)
Student Name
DOB 01/09/1993
Residence 21 BAY 31ST ST, BROOKLYN, NY 11214
Major Study (IT) Information Technology Systems
Minor Study Business Administration & Management

2016 Fall Semester (Session 2)

Course # Class Name Credits Grade Pre-req Schedule
CS3100 Windows 1 A yes  Complete
CST3200 Database Intro 4 B+ yes Complete
CS6100 HTML & CSS 4 B+ yes Complete
MAT5500 Diffrntl Equations 3 C yes Complete

2018 Spring Semester (Session 1)

Course # Class Name Credits Grade Pre-req Schedule
CST2405 Sys Admin 4 A yes  Mon, Tue 6:45PM-7:55PM
CST4700 Adv IT Serv Mngmnt 4 A- yes Wed 7:00PM-8:15PM
CST3513 Multi & Mobile Dev C++ 3 B yes N/A
 Gross GPA: Last Semester's GPA: 3.16