Car Aromatherapy Air Humidifier Essential Oil Diffuser

  • $12.99
  • Save $12


  • The fine mist removes static electricity, reduces the radiation generated by electronic components, and decrease the formaldehyde contamination from dust and other harmful toxins

  • Compatible with most cars standard charger interfaces.

  • 2-hour Automatic Shut-off Feature prevents potential harm from running without water.

  • Humidify your car to prevent dry, stuffy air and flu/cold germs infecting your loved ones. Helps prevent dry and chapped skin in during dry season, as well as cold winter months.

  • 180-Degree Rotation with No Leakage!

  • Add some perfume or essential oil into water, the pleasant smell will help lift your mood, relieve tension and anxiety, boost the metabolism and more!

  • 25ml Capacity


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